Good morning Father Rodrigo! I’d like to tell you about how God has been working in my heart, little by little, since this pandemic started. I thought I was leading a life of faith, but I eventually realized that I was seeking God in material things, out of necessity. Yet He showed me what I truly needed as I listened to His daily Word with perseverance. He showed me that it was my soul that I needed to feed; then, material things followed. We never lacked anything to subsist; but I found out, and I still do, that the Gospel fills me completely, more than anything. It never ceases to amaze me how, when I let Him, the Holy Spirit works in me. Today, I can’t help listening to God’s Word; it’s a need, a healthy addiction, because it helps me not feel alone and crave for more and more. I love the audios! Thank you, Father Rodrigo, for your commitment, for the work you do, for the job you’ve undertaken (I can imagine you must also feel rather weary at times, but I thank God for the love and willingness He grants you day by day). I feel I was born again thanks to what you do. I would say the audio recordings are neither tiring nor long; quite the contrary, I would like to have more audios during the day, though after prayer I talk to Jesus and I think that’s enough. I still need training in letting Him work within me all day long so that I can be His faithful servant. Please, pray that this is the case. May God let more and more people join Him in His Word because that’s where we find the answers to absolutely everything.

May God bless you! Amen


Every day, when the sun rises, after thanking God for allowing me to wake up and experience the wonders of His creation with my five senses, I reach out for my cell phone and look for the Glimpses of the Gospel app, so that my soul may find the beautiful word of ETERNAL LIFE that inspires me to keep on believing, to persevere as a good Christian. In spite of anything my eyes may see or my ears may hear in this corrupt world, Glimpses of the Gospel inspires me every day to keep a hopeful outlook and remember that Jesus will triumph, that He will always be above any situation, that He and the Immaculate Heart of our Most Holy Mother will conquer! Thank you, Father Rodrigo, for making me feel the love of God, for reminding me every day that I’m never and I’ll never be alone, that He will be waiting for me in the Sacrifice on the Altar until the end of my days. Who like You, Oh Lord, none like You, Oh Lord!

Edith Garza de Díaz

Sixteen years ago, my wife passed away. We were regular church-goers and I was a volunteer for “Caritas.” We were always there. One day, soon after our child was born, she was diagnosed with an illness. I made vows to Our Lady of Luján and to Our Lady of the Rosary of San Nicolás. It was soon after I had fulfilled one of my vows when Marta, my wife, started to develop more acute symptoms which brought about her death after ten days. At the funeral, I asked my friend, Father Enrique, to explain it to me. He couldn’t. Since then, I haven’t been to church again. I got angry at God and at all Saints. I fell into sin time after time, one sin after another. When the pandemic started, I was desperate with health issues; also, I was taking care of my elderly parents. On several occasions, I thought of shooting myself. But one day, without knowing about all this, an acquaintance sent me the audios. As soon as I listened to them, I knew I had to start over in my relationship with God. I knew I had to start reading. I went on a spiritual retreat and, only then did I start to understand that my wife’s death had been God’s decision and that, as He’s my father, I was no one to question Him. Today, I wonder why it took me so long to understand; my anxiety even made me sick. I’m trying to understand God more deeply. I hope we can meet one day, because you showed me the way. After seventeen years, I want you to hear my confession so that I can find peace and forgiveness. Today, I’m still in lockdown and taking care of my ailing parents, but I hope this pandemic will end and, when it does, I’m going to seek you. Thank you, Father Rodrigo! I’ll be eternally grateful to you for your audios, the retreat and the online masses, which gave me the opportunity to find my way back to God’s path. Thank you and sorry if I made this too lengthy.

I wanted to thank Father Rodrigo for having given me and my children the opportunity to get to know God and fall in love with Him. My young children listen to the audios on God’s Word with me, and on occasion, even on their own! This is very significant to me; it’s our daily bread, our balm. We’re so close to God thanks to our listening to His word through Father Rodrigo! It’s a real blessing; it allows us to keep our Jesus present in our minds every day. It gives us hope and it encourages us to do things right. There’s God looking at us and loving us; it’s not in vain trying to do things right, that’s what gives meaning to our lives! Thank you, Father! May God bless you for all the good you do to your brothers and sisters.

Luciana Bonacina

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