A Non- Profit Proyect

It is always good to clarify that this evangelization project is sustained thanks to the selfless work of lay people and Father Rodrigo, who put their prayer, time, creativity and talent at the service of the daily prayer of those who receive the audios, so that they can enrich their daily prayer. 

However, even such a noble project bears its expenses, like the production and maintenance of the app and the website. For this reason, we are always thankful for your support, your words of encouragement and your endorsement of this initiative. All financial support will be used to spread the Word of God in the hearts of those who thirst for God the Father.


Little Nazareth

The discretionary income is allocated to various church projects for the community, such as financial assistance to attend spiritual retreats for people who cannot afford them, training camps, the educational project “Little Nazareth” based on the Montessori Method for children between three and six years of age, and the renovation of churches and chapels within Fr. Rodrigo Aguilar’s diocese.

Our Lady of America Parish

There are many people who endorse this non-profit cause. Thanks to their generosity, not only do we run the “Glimpses of the Gospel” project but also cooperate with the evangelization projects that Father Rodrigo Aguilar carries out together with the community of Our Lady of America Parish (, where he currently exercises his ministry.

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Make a Donation

If you are willing to make a donation for this project of evangelization through the Word of God (whether a big or small, single or periodical contribution) it will be greatly welcome.

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Contribute to the “Glimpses of the Gospel” project.

wen monte

Sponsor a child in the “Little Nazareth” educational project.


A home for people in situations of extreme vulnerability due to the addictions that torment so many hearts in our society.

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Contribute to the repair and renovation of churches and chapels. 

May God the Father bless you for your help!